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Buy high quality hollow glass bubbles

Brand Name: Zhongke Yali
CAS NO.: 65997-17-3
Appearance: White powder
Application: sensitizer in emulsion explosives
Model number: H20, H25, H30, H36
True density: 0.18-0.38 g/cm3
Crush strength: 600-6000 psi (4.1-41.4MPa)
Bulk density: 0.05-0.25 g/cm3
Thermal conductivity: 0.043-0.054W/m K
Packing:  Cartons or as customer’s requirement
Delivery: 3-7 days against payment and quantity.
TypeTrue density
(g/cm3)Test pressure
(MPa/psi)Particle size
µm, by volumeFloating rate %Thermal conductivity
(W·m-1·K-1) at 20℃Bulk density
H250.23-0.2717.2/2500236010195 min0.0510.06-0.20
H300.28-0.3227.6/400018508595 min0.0530.08-0.23
Advantages:  Hollow glass bubbles/microspheres have characteristics as light weight, high strength, good fallibility, low oil absorption, steady physical and chemical properties. It can improve the detonation property and storage stability of emulsion explosives if add hollow glass bubbles as density conditioning agent.  Hollow glass bubbles/microspheres were adopted as density conditioning agent in the developed countries long time before.
a.Effective density conditioning agent
The true density of hollow glass microspheres is very low, the density of emulsion explosives will be changed only adding 3wt.--6wt.%.
b.Excellent sensitizer
Tiny and steady bubble space will become when hollow glass bubbles distribute evenly in emulsion explosives. Each sphere will become a scorching point to the performance of the detonation. Low oil absorption, particle size makes hollow glass bubbles suitable as emulsion explosive sensitizer.
c.Good stabilizer
If you are looking for the hollow glass microspheres as sensitizer for emulsion explosives, please be free to buy the quality products from our factory. As one of the professional and popular manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you competitive price and good after-sale service.buy high quality hollow glass bubbles
Type : Sale
Category : Mobiles
Publish date : 2018-11-01
Valid : 2019-11-01
Web Site: http://www.zhongkeyalitech.com/microspheres/high-performance-hollow-glass-beads/
Location : Chittoor


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