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Buy red onion

Fresh Red Onion
Origin:Shandong China
Crop:2017 Crop
Supply Period: Year Round
Size: 5.0-7.0cm 7.0-9.0cm 9.0cm up
Onion Variety, Mainly Red Onion, White Onion And Yellow Onion Three. Red Onion Skin Is Purple Or Dark Pink, Red Meat With White, Dense Tissue, The Texture Is Crisp, Fleshy Yellow Skin Less Delicate, More Water, Spicy Heavier, Resistant To Storage.
Our Company's Onions Quality Requirements: To Onion Hypertrophy, Skin Luster, Not Rotten, No Mechanical Injury And Soil, Fresh Green Onion Without Leaves; After Storage, Not Soft, No Bolting, Tight Scales, Less Water, Spicy And Sweet Strong Flavor Is Better.
Packaging & Delivery
Loose packing: Accord To Customer's Requirements For Net Bags Or Other Packagingbuy Red Onion
Type : Sale
Category : Accessories
Publish date : 2018-02-27
Valid : 2018-03-29
Location : Chittoor


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