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China copper tungsten alloy cobaltalloy

Copper Tungsten alloy cobaltalloy injection molding made of high-density tungsten alloy. The method comprises the following steps: mixing nickel powder, copper tungsten powder or iron powder with a uniform particle size of 1-5 microns with tungsten powder with a particle size of 0.5-2 microns and tungsten powder with a size of 5-15 microns, % Of organic binding agent (such as paraffin or polymethyl acrylate), injection molding, steam cleaning and irradiation to remove binder, and sintering in hydrogen to obtain high-density tungsten alloy. Copper oxide powder (mixed and ground reduced to copper) instead of metallic copper powder, copper forms a continuous matrix in the sintered compact, with tungsten as the reinforcing framework. The high-expansion component is governed by the second component around it and the powder is sintered in wet hydrogen at a lower temperature. It is said that the use of very fine powder can improve the sintering performance and densification, so that it reaches more than 99%. Contact us
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