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China optical fiber splice box suppliers

24 Fiber Access Terminal Box
Product Description
The Opterna Fiber Access Terminal Box is designed to splice and interconnect fiber optic cables. It is very suitable for FTTH applications in multi dwelling buildings. This box differs with light weight, small size and perfect fiber routing. The FATB is wall mountable, very easy to install and maintain. When used as a fiber distribution floor box it allows straight through application with taking out only the required fibers dedicated for the floor, while the other fibers from the distribution cable continue without interruption through the box.
24-port fiber cartridge
24-port optical fiber box is an important optical transmission system supporting equipment, it is mainly used for fiber optic cable terminal fiber splicing, optical connector installation, optical transfer of the transfer, the excess pigtail storage and cable protection, it is for optical fiber communication Network security operation and flexible use has an important role. Over the past 10 years, optical communications used in the construction of the cable is usually a few to several tenths of the core, 24 fiber cartridge capacity is generally below 100 core, these 12-cell fiber cartridge more and more show pigtail storage capacity is smaller, The deployment of connection operation is inconvenient, less functional, simple structure and other shortcomings. Now optical communication has been widely used in long-distance trunk and local network relay transmission, fiber has become the development direction of access network. All in the new fiber optic network construction, are trying to use large number of cable, so that the 24-cell fiber cartridge capacity, function and structure put forward higher requirements.
24-port fiber cartridge features
In recent years, in the actual work of optical communication construction, through the comparison of the use of several products, we believe that the 24-type fiber box selection should focus on the following aspects.
(1) core capacity
A 24-port fiber optic box should be able to make the largest number of fiber-optic cable in the board complete shelves, where possible, can be linked to a few more cable in a frame to facilitate the deployment of light. At the same time, the capacity of the patch panel should correspond to the series of general fiber optic cable, so that it can be used to reduce or avoid the waste of 24 fiber cartridge capacity due to improper use.
(2) functional categories
24-port fiber optic cable as a cable terminal equipment should have four basic functions.
① fixed function: the cable into the rack, the outer sheath and strengthen the core to be mechanical fixed, the installation of ground protection components, the end of the protection process, and the fiber grouping and protection.
② capacity of the receiver: cable leads to the fiber and the tail cable welding, the excess fiber will be coiled storage, and the protection of the welded joints.
③ deployment function: the cable on the cable connector connected to the adapter, and the other side of the adapter optical connector to achieve optical docking. Adapters and connectors should be capable of flexible insertion and removal; optical paths can be freely deployed and tested.
④ storage function for the rack between the various cross-connect optical cable to provide storage, so that they can be neatly placed. 24-port fiber box should have the appropriate space and way to make this part of the optical cable line clear, easy to adjust, and to meet the minimum bending radius requirements.
With the development of fiber optic networks, the existing functionality of 24-cell fiberboxes has been unable to meet many new requirements. Some manufacturers will be some fiber optic network components such as optical splitter, wavelength division multiplexer and optical switches, etc. directly installed on the 12-fiber box. In this way, even if these components are easily applied to the network, but also to the 24-port fiber box to increase the functionality and flexibility.China Optical Fiber Splice Box suppliers
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