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Jig saw blade suppliers

Hardwood,laminates,laminated boards/HPL(3-30mm),plastics/epoxy(dia.<-30mm)
Product title: BD101BRF  Ground and taper ground teeth OF BIM
Ground and taper ground teeth: Teeth ground ,taper ground set
Blade with taper ground spine for fine and clean cuts in wood and plastic
BIM: Bi-metal, a highly elastic bond of HSS and HCS to meet the greatest demands .Especially suitable for use in hardwood ,abrasive wooden materials ,hard plastics ,and harder materials such as non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal
The flexible BIM saw blades are used ,for example,if there is a risk of shank breakage
They have a lifetime about twice as long as the HSS blades and last approx . 10 times longer than HCS blades .This means that  they are excellent value for money

Extraclean for wood
Particularly fine,clean,tear-free cuts on both sides in wood
An absolute first:tear-free,straight cuts on both sides in wood;regardless of whether the jigsaw is guided from above or below.The wood no longer has to be marked from underneath ,making incorrect marking a thing of the past.For  clean and accurate working with high cutting speed and long lifetime.
Saw blade surface after grinding, tooth and back form a slope, slope can ensure that at the time of cutting, can achieve clean function, saw blade tooth down, can let the cutting surface, no burr

Q1: Does your factory have export right?
Our factory has the right to export  products to overseas markets by our own.
Q2: Are your models complete?
There are more than 200 types of saw blade, all kinds of models are complete, the tooth shape is diversified, all kinds of different interfaces are suitable for different machines.
Q3: What do you  want then ?        
A7: We would like to have a good and long-term cooperation with our customers. We will work together to create a stable development.
Q4: You have no team to design your packaging ?
A6: It's very simple. We have a professional design team and provide customized designing from colour system to packaging. The most important point is that it is free for you.
Jig Saw Blade suppliers
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Publish date : 2019-01-17
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