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Steam mop

Product detail:
* Power: 1300W, saves more energy.
* Three Steam Level Settings
* Electromagnetic pump system achieves the best steaming performance.
* Patented preheating boiler achieves much drier and faster steaming.
* 100% pure and dry steam that makes the floor dry quickly.
* 3 steam levels to cater different kinds of floors and cleanings.
* 350ml detachable water tank.
* Speedy steaming within 15 seconds.
* Auto shut-off function.
* Light and easy design.
* 14 to 22 minutes long time continuous steaming at a time.
* Steam temperature up to 100℃ for sufficient sterilization.
Rated voltage:110- 220V
Product net weight: 1.6kg
Water tank capacity: 350ML
Our advantage:
1. Telescopic rod: convenient for people of different heights
2. Removable water tank: no need to drag bulky water
3. Safety Standby: 15 seconds safe standby when temporarily not applicable
4. Water pump device: motor pump, heating core to achieve secondary heating, making the steam more dry and smooth.
5. Rotary Hooks: Easy to use and collect wires
6. Third gear steam setting: different floors, choose suitable gear
7. Ergonomic handle: more convenient to use
8. wire clips: better control line length, easy to use
9. Rotary floor: 180-degree rotation to automatically stand and clean around the furniture.
10. Healthy home:Steam mop quickly removes stains, viruses, bacteria and allows you to have a healthy living home.
11. 100% pure and dry steam that make the floor dry quickly.
12. Steam with high temperature evaporation rapidly and no water stains leaves. Safe on all kinds of Sealed Hardwood Floors.Steam Mop
Type : Sale
Category : Bicycles
Publish date : 2018-11-08
Valid : 2019-11-08
Location : Port Blair


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