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Surface treatment

2f Prototypes is one of China’s largest and most experienced prototype manufacturers. With 15 years experience in prototype and model manufacture, we own two factory- metal parts factory & plastic parts factory ,we use our high precision machines and experienced skills to bring your vision to life
Products show:   

1. CNC machining plastic and metal rapid prototyping
2. SLA/SLS plastic rapid prototypes
3. Vacuum casting (Silicone mould)
4. Product and mold Design
5. Injection mould
6. Sheet metal fabricating  
Materials 1 .Plastic: PA, PP, POM, PC, PE, Nylon, PVC, ABS, PA6,  
PA66, PA6+30%FG, PA66+30%FG, Silicone, rubber...
2.Metals: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Aluminum alloy, Copper, Brass, Bronze, metal plate, Steel, Carbon steel, Iron etc
3. Wood and other special materials.  
Finish Polish, transparent surface, translucent surface, power coating,
UV curing, painting, rubber oil, metallic painting,
silk-screen printing, brushed, anodizing, plating,
laser-etching, sand-blasting, drawbench, etc.  
Advantages 1. Full range equipment, all the normal prototyping can be finished.
2. Short lead time: 2-3 days.
3. Good quality, fast delivery, low cost.  
Application 1. Digital & Telecommunication products: Computer, PC, mobile phone, cell phone,
MP3, MP4, DVD, VCD, CD, DV, digital camera, fax machine, key board, mouse, numerator ect.   
2. Vehicle products: Automobile parts: Motorcycle parts, car decorations of
outter and inner side, auto video case ect.   
3. House appliance: air conditioner, LCD TV, fridge, speaker, vacuum
cleaner, electric fan, coffee pot, electric rice cookers and so on.
4. Medical equipment: ultrasonic machine, X ray machine, Hemodialysis   instrument,
monitor, analyzer ect.
Our Certificate:
We have ISO 9001 : 2015 certification for our plastic and metal prototypes service.
To protect your 3d files and other informations,we have taken two methods.
1.We could sign NDA with you as you required.
2.All of the computers in our company have installed confidential software.Without the password no one could get access to the files.

Q: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are a professional prototype maker for more than 15 years located in Shenzhen .We have our own CNC Machining Centers, 20 CNC Lathes,which can process plastic as well as metal parts.
Q:What is the MOQ of your company?
A: The minimum quantity of our company is 1 pc
Q: What kind of 3d files would you need?
A: STP/IGS/X-T are available for CNC Machining.STL format is OK for 3D Printing.
Q: Can you keep confidential about my 3d files?
A: Yes, please don't worry about that. All of the computers in our company has confidential software WOWO-DSM.
Q: What is the flow of your company after i place an order for you?
A: After we receive an order from you, firstly, the 3d files will be given to programming engineers to program the CNC tool path.
Secondly, our engineers will make a list of materials the prototype need and give it to CNC Machining Center.
Thirdly, when the prototype is finished by CNC,it will be delivered to post finish center to clear the burrs.
Finally,if you need effects like painting,silk-printing,anodizing,sand-blasting,plating,drawbench,laser-etching etc, we can make it as you like.
Q:How can i pay you?
A: We accept T/T,Paypal,Western Union and Moneygram.
Q:How long do you need for making my parts?
A: We have always been dedicated to providing our clients with a rapid prototyping service.Generally speaking,3-5 days is OK.
It will mainly depends on the quantity you need and processing way you prefer.
Q:How will you ship the prototype to me?
A: We will make a best plan to ship the prototype as per its size and material.We generally use DHL/FEDEX/UPS. Surface treatment
Type : Sale
Category : Tablets
Publish date : 2018-01-18
Valid : 2018-02-17
Location : Cuddapah


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