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Wire for cutting

 Marble block cutting dry beads widely used for making spring wires and rubberized wires for marble quarrying and cutting marble blocks in quarries.They have dry cutting beads and wet cutting beads.
Other specification are available based on requirements.
PS:¢11 diamond bead for both wet cutting and dry cutting;¢10.5/¢11.5 just for wet cutting.
The block cutting  beads are made of cobalt powder. They cutting marble with high efficiency,high productivity,low pollution and longer life.
Products Application:
The beads are used for making spring wire saw for quarrying marble.
Packing Details:
Smoothly boxes packing in 38cm*38cm*13cm wire for cutting
Type : Sale
Category : Electronics & Computers
Publish date : 2018-05-24
Valid : 2018-06-23
Location : Cuddapah


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